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Thank you for contacting the special education department, we will get back to you within 24 hours


Correo electrónico:
Presidente asesor:
Secretaria de grabación: Gina Folco
Tesorero: Michael Casey
Directora de Educación Especial: Cynthia VanAvery
Directores Correo electrónico:
401-233-1100 Extensión 11122

401-233-1100 ext. 3722





Administrative Assistant to the Director of Student Services

Denise DeCesare 401-233-1100 ext. 3722

Student Services Clerk: Linda Potvin     401-233-1100 ext. 3715

Early Childhood Programs: David Radcliff 401-233-1100 ext. 3718



Student Services Department Chair

North Providence High School - Maria Marasco 401-233-1150 ext. 3407

Elementary Special Education Coordinator

                                                          Bianca Murray 401-233-1100 



Elementary Special Education Coordinator

                                                          Cristina Brothers 401-233-1100 


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